Our audition season at READ College runs from January to June each year, with audition rounds every month. We take a maximum of 15 people on each audition day, so that we can get to know everyone and make people feel as welcome as possible. Making sure everyone feels comfortable helps us to select the right candidates for training, as our students are what make us the UK’s leading Foundation College for the Performing Arts!

The audition day begins with a talk and Q&A session for applicants and their parents/families, to help settle your nerves and answer any questions that you may have before the day begins. All applicants will then be shown around the college and introduced to student assistants who will help them to find their way round during the day.

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For Musical Theatre applicants (Foundation and Sixth Form), you will be seen in all 3 disciplines of Acting (workshop), Singing (solo song) and Dancing (Jazz class and Ballet class) in your first round, with the panel looking for strength in at least two of areas and the potential for training in the third. If you are recalled to the afternoon, then you will perform a second solo song and a monologue, with the panel having the chance to redirect and coach you to see how you respond to training. Finally, you may be recalled for a one-to-one interview with the audition panel.

For Acting applicants (Foundation and Sixth Form), you will begin your day by performing a monologue of your choice, either contemporary or classical. You will then take part in a workshop session with our Head of Acting, to explore how you work with other people and how quickly you pick up instructions. If you are recalled to the afternoon, you will then perform a second, contrasting monologue which will be redirected by the panel to explore how you respond to direction. Finally, you may be recalled for a one-to-one interview with the audition panel.

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Should you not be successful in getting through to interview, we will happily provide you with written feedback on your audition day to help you improve for the future. For all of our audition rounds, we like to get to know everyone as people – we hope you will feel very welcome and that you will enjoy your audition with us!

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