The McClanes Twoprov Anniversary Show

In Support Of the READ College Student Hardship Fund 

July 13th, 8pm at Smokin’ Billy’s, Reading

Alexander McWilliam (the artistic director of Mad monkey improv) and Seamus Allen (the artistic director of What’s the Game?!) shall be performing a very special show to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The McClanes: A Twoprov show.

This show will be a charity event to support Read college student hardship fund, which is dedicated to promoting arts training to all students, no matter what their economic background.

So how much is it you ask?

The show is free, but at the end we will ask you to dig deep into your pockets, walltets, and hadbags and donate as much as you can to the lovely people by the doors.

What’s going to happen on the night?

They are going it alone, throwing themselves at the mercy of the audience. The hilarious duo shall do all your favourite games as well as creating a brand new play based on the audiences favourite tunes.

Everything that you will see on the night shall be completely improvised. No scripts have been learned. It will all be down to your suggestions!

The house troupe shall be made up of Read College students.

Tickets in advance BY CLICKING HERE





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